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Beelden rijgen tot een boek

Het schrijfproces is een levensbehoefte voor mij. Uitgeven is gelukkig andermans vak. Lees verder

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For the love of Camelot

Merlin Emrys, the promising countertenor, gets an opportunity to work with the world famous conductor Arthur Pendragon. They seem a perfect match, to others, that is. A lot of his friends are musicians in the Albion Orchestra, founded by Arthur and his sister, the lavishing Soprano Morgana, in his Camelot Music Hall in London. How close will they all become? Can Merlin keep his magic secret when there is the need for it? How is the life of Mordred intertwined with them? What is holding Arthur in performing some specific composers and pieces? Why is the Triangle so important in restoring the balance in the world? When life itself becomes a threat destiny calls, to all of them. If only they would listen. Lees verder

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